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House & Car Locksmiths

The More You
Know, the Better

Yes, Eastcoast Locksmiths are armed with the expertise and specialist tools, to open your car doors without causing any lasting damage.

We’re fully qualified and equipped to cut and program new keys on-demand. In some cases, we can have a new set ready for your car in as little as 30 minutes.

Yes, we can. Most cars allow for multiple transponder keys – with a little bit of information from you, we can cut and program a new spare or replacement key for your vehicle.

No. We will be able to rekey the locks to your house and if required, cut copies of the new keys.

Yes, the term locksmiths use for having one key that operates all the locks in your home is ‘keyed alike’. The practicality of having one key just makes it easier.

Yes, you do need to provide identification for your protection otherwise anybody could be gaining entry to your valuable property. We do however understand that sometimes your identification may be locked inside and we will ask to see this on gaining entry.

Choosing the best lock does not mean the most expensive. But when it comes to locks and security you often do get what you pay for. Sometimes being cheap with locks can lead to a very expensive lesson. Our locksmith will help you assess the best locks for you and source quality locks and products at excellent value prices.

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